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Mission: Using dynamic methods, AGI Consulting assesses and develops cultures, teams, leadership, and strategic alliances for organizations worldwide.


First formed in 1993, the organization has undergone two major restructurings since that time.  During the middle 90’s, our primary focal point was team development with a heavy emphasis on adventure-based, experiential learning methods.  Early large-scale clients included Southwestern Bell, Compaq, and several petrochemical companies.  During that time, we also installed ropes/challenge courses and provided facilitator training programs.  During the latter part of the 90’s, we expanded operations to include managerial and leadership development services.  We also more than doubled our organizational assessment services and developed a number of employee development programs.  Around the turn of the millennium, we added executive coaching programs out of which naturally and very quickly evolved our organizational effectiveness consulting services.  Over the past five to six years, the company has provided a wide variety of organizational effectiveness and development services and solutions to hundreds of companies including over half of the current Fortune 10 companies.

Approach to Growth, Training and Development
  • Our services tap into seven domains of human functioning:
    • Behavioral, Social/Relational, Cognitive, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Psychological
  • We believe:
    • The vast majority of people have good values and want to do the right thing, work hard, and improve their circumstances.
    • Leadership is the key to success in organizations.
    • Leadership can be developed.
    • Leadership Competencies and Managerial Skills are very different but to be effective, a leader needs to be well-equipped with both sets of proficiencies.
    • Culture, which is under the control of leadership, is the primary determinant of behavior, large and small, within any organization.
    • Teams constitute the biggest levers a leader has at her/his disposal.
    • Most leaders do not understand how to build, diagnose, or improve teams.
    • Relationships (the ability to form, maintain, and draw upon) is another vital key to success in business.
    • Self-awareness is always the first step in self-improvement.
    • All effective, successful leaders are trustworthy and credible.
    • All effective, successful leaders are clear about the organization’s (or workgroup’s) direction.
    • All effective, successful leaders use different approaches with different circumstances.
    • Soft skills training (e.g., leadership and team development) is best delivered face-to-face in a group context.  E-training is woefully inadequate in developing these skills in people.
    • All of our services produce a high and tangible ROI (return on investment).
    • People learn best in a highly interactive, experiential learning environment (and research bears this out).
    • Taking risks is an essential component in learning, growth, change, and development.
Principal Consultant
  • Steven H. Turner, Ph.D. – President and Founde

Approach.  In the core operation of this service business, Dr. Turner effectively blends an upbeat, fun, positive style with scientifically valid assessment and intervention (training, consultation, coaching) methods.  Steve recognizes that traditional assessment, training and development methodologies fall far short of what executives want their training dollars to produce.  This failure is especially true with “off the shelf” classroom-based training methods and those assessments that produce a mountain of data but very little else.  Most often, the typical training program misses the mark entirely, produces minimal transferable skills, or is short-lived.  Assessments proffered by a score of large and small consulting firms are notorious for providing stacks of information about team dynamics, organizational culture, and leadership characteristics with little success in producing significant, sustainable changes.  Dr. Turner’s approach is fun, practical, grounded in sound scientific methods, and, most importantly, highly effective.

Expertise.  Steve brings a wealth of experience working with major corporations from a host of industries, including petrochemical/energy, medicine/health care, higher education, transportation, high tech, hospitality, and manufacturing.  He collaborates with clients in designing qualitative and selecting quantitative methods for identifying, assessing, and then creating behavioral norms vital to the immediate and sustained success of their organizations.  Creating these new behavioral norms takes on many forms, and AGI and its strategic business partners offer the services necessary to do this.  Steve directs all AGI’s service dimensions, which include managerial consultation and coaching; individual, team, and organization-level behavioral/cultural assessment; and a plethora of training and development services.  AGI’s strategic business partners offer technical business solutions, such as the technical elements of quality improvement and ISO certification as well as financial and IT consultation.

Education and History.  Originally from Minnesota, where he earned a B.A. degree from St. Olaf College, Steve re-located to Texas in 1982 where he completed his Ph.D. in Social Psychology at the University of Houston.  Prior to forming two training and development companies, the first in 1993, Steve worked as a university professor, director within the health care industry, private-practice psychotherapist, forensic psychologist, and ropes/challenge course trainer-practitioner.  Steve now splits his time between Texas and Minnesota when he is not traveling for business or pleasure.  He is married and has four children. 

Associations.  Dr. Turner has served as chapter officer and executive board member for the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) and TERA, a trade association for experiential learning and development professionals.  He has presented at numerous conferences and published a number of papers/articles on a variety of change and development topics.  Currently, he is a member of American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), the American Psychological Association (APA) as well as various business networking associations and chambers of commerce.

Senior Consultants

  • Jorge Gonzalez – Master Facilitator
  • Michael Hall, M.A. – Master Facilitator
  • Richard Woolbright – Master Facilitator
  • Carlos Cruz – Trainer/Facilitator


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