• cultivating peak-performing leaders and teams for over 25 years

    Delivering high-impact, custom programs and organization development solutions – when performance is mission critical, experience matters and “cookie cutter” activities and approaches just won’t do.

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  • cultivating peak-performing leaders and teams for over 25 years

    Delivering high-impact, custom programs and organization development solutions – when performance is mission critical, experience matters and “cookie cutter” activities and approaches just won’t do.

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  • cultivating peak-performing leaders and teams for over 25 years

    Delivering high-impact, custom programs and organization development solutions – when performance is mission critical, experience matters and “cookie cutter” activities and approaches just won’t do.

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what we offer

We design high-impact, custom programs based on your unique needs and challenges, blending proven experiential programs and activities with evidence-based intra- and interpersonal methods to achieve immediate, measurable impact and return.

Teambuilding & Performance

We design and deliver high-impact, engaging custom events and programs that maximize team performance by building unity and trust, establishing effective communication and fostering collaboration between individuals and groups (e.g., teams, departments, organizations, functions). Programs are based on a thorough needs assessment, and combine experiential learning and concrete business application to maximize impact, learning and retention.

• Retreats, Kickoffs & Teambuilding Events
• Give-back/Charity Events
• Executive Team Development
• Project Teams
• New & Transitioning Teams
• Team Conflict & Dysfunction Resolution
• Post-funding, Merger/Acquisition
• Facilitation: Direction-setting/Planning
• Facilitation: Process Improvement
• Cross-departmental Alignment
• Myers-Briggs [MBTI®]

Leadership Training & Development

We provide leaders, professionals and high-potential employees with the knowledge, personal insights and confidence to substantially improve their interpersonal influence and overall effectiveness. Working closely with clients, we target core competencies, considering roles, industry and culture-specific norms. Our interactive, group-based multi-modal programs include assessments, experiential and practice exercises, deep reflection, and application assignments.

• Executive, Manager, Supervisors, & High Potential Tracks
• Series & Boot Camp Formats
• Communication Skills
• Emotional Intelligence
• Situational Leadership
• Leading & Managing Change
• Building Teams & Teamwork
• Managing Conflict/Employee Challenges
• Customer & Partner Management
• Coaching & Mentoring Skills

Coaching Programs & Assessment Tools

As a standalone service, or as part of an integrated program, AGI provides individuals with confidential guidance, support, a sounding board and informed advice to ensure individual, team and organization success. Combining business acumen and evidence-based assessment instruments, we help our clients become more self-aware (strengths, opportunities, interests, blind spots), make better decisions, improve their interpersonal proficiency, and achieve results.

• Executive Coaching & Consultation
• Ongoing & Short-duration Programs
• Time, Stress, Work-Life Management
• Performance Improvement Coaching
• Conflict Management & Remediation
• Executive Candidate Pre-hire Batteries
• MBTI, CPI 260, FIRO-Business, TKI
• EQi, Team/Leadership 360s
• Structured Interviews & Focus Groups
• Culture & Team Assessments

Talent Management - Succession Planning

Our services are all placed in the larger context of business strategy. In addition to a full array of strategic planning services, we help clients form HR and talent strategies that support the directional constructs of their businesses. This includes a broad spectrum of services. We have designed and developed entire systems as well as filled in the gaps in customer OD systems.

• Vision, Mission, Core Values development
• Business strategic planning
• Human Resources Strategy development
• Competency development
• Talent Management strategy development
• Success Planning Model/System development
• Performance Management system development
• Employee Development program design
• High Potential identification and development
• Mentoring program design / development

why leaders use AGI


At AGI, we develop long-term, high-value relationships. Our clients come to us:

When performance is mission critical: For over 25 years, we’ve helped hundreds of the world’s most respected organizations dramatically improve the effectiveness of their individual leaders and teams. We specialize in working with teams and leaders in transition and facing extraordinary challenges.

When experience and expertise matters: Our consultant are leaders in their fields, with advanced degrees and decades of relevant “real world” experience in business leadership, organization development, coaching and psychology.

When you need more than just another “cookie cutter” team activity: We design high-impact, custom programs based on your unique needs and challenges, blending proven experiential programs and activities with evidence-based intra- and interpersonal methods to achieve immediate, measurable impact and return.

meet the team


Steve Turner, Ph.D.

Principal Consultant/President

Steve Turner, Ph.D.

Principal Consultant/President

An architect and driver of change and improvement, Steve has dedicated his career to this quest. He is an acknowledged leader and early innovator in the fields of experiential- and inter/intra-personal leadership and team development. For over 25 years, he has assisted leaders in developing and achieving bold visions and goals, while helping organizations achieve peak performance as individuals and as aligned teams. His background includes:
• An unparalleled track record of success and proven results. Steve has delivered compelling, quantifiable value for over 100 organizations and over 10,000 individual program participants. Clients highlight the immediate, measurable impact of working with AGI, and many have maintained decades-long ongoing engagement.
• Deep expertise in inter- and intra-personal development and team dynamics. With a Ph.D. in social and clinical psychology and advanced training in personality, coaching and assessment instruments, Steve brings a unique understanding- honed over 30 years – in helping individuals and diverse teams maximize their individual and collective strengths, while working efficiently, effectively and harmoniously together.
• 25+ years of leadership and innovation in experiential team development and large-scale change. Steve is recognized as a leading authority in the targeted, practical application of experiential- and adventure-based methods for achieving rapid insights, team cohesion and lasting results. A skilled large-group facilitator, he has helped establish programs and protocols and train facilitators across the US and overseas.
Steve’s expertise lies in the creation and implementation of dynamic leadership development, team building, culture change, business planning/alignment, change management, and coaching programs that propel organizations. He brings his strength of vision, experience and methodology to our team and clients. His clients include some of the most successful, recognized names in oil, energy and gas, health care and medicine, insurance, public sector. education and technology. His education and training includes:
• Ph.D. in Psychology (University of Houston, Social Psychology – Behavioral Medicine Research and Graduate Training Program) with concentrations in social and clinical psychology, survey methods, and organizational behavior
• B.A. in Psychology (St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN)
• Advanced training in adventure-based, experiential learning, facilitation, training and education
• Certification in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strong, CPI 260, TKI, Birkman, FIRO-Business, EQ-i (Emotional Intelligence), and 360 degree instruments

Seth Golub, MA, MBA

Principal Consultant/VP Customer Success

Seth Golub, MA, MBA

Principal Consultant/VP Customer Success

Seth brings nearly three decades of real world leadership experience, business knowledge and extraordinary results to our clients and engagements. He specializes in working with customer-facing teams, and organizations in transition due to new market initiatives, industry or competitive disruption, merger & acquisition activity and large strategic and technology initiatives.
His background includes:
• 25+ of senior executive experience and success leading highly-effective teams and organizations as a former Chief Revenue Officer, COO, SVP Sales, VP Customer Success, founder and board member, working for Fortune 100 and successful Silicon Valley startup organizations.
• Deep consulting, facilitation and change management expertise gained as a “Big 4” management consulting leader, VP Professional Services and consultant to private, public and non-profit sector clients across multiple industries.
• Corporate structure and team dynamics specialist. With graduate degrees and advanced training in both business and psychology, Seth has specialized in working with individuals and teams with diverse operating, decision making and communication styles, making him a sought after consultant and coach.
• Inspiring examples, lessons and skills learned as a wilderness leader/guide (since age 12) and Wilderness First Responder.

In these roles, Seth has had the opportunity to lead and work extensively with teams and individuals presented with tremendous opportunities while facing extraordinary challenges in conditions of high uncertainty, time pressure and adverse conditions – where failure is simply not an option.

Seth has worked with over 100 client and partner organizations, including Global 100 leaders and startup/growth phase organization across multiple industries, including Technology, Energy and Utilities, Public Sector, Insurance, Consulting & Advisory, Automotive and Transportation, Non-profit and Education.

Education and Training:
Seth brings a rich combination of relevant education, including:
• MBA with honors from NYU/Stern School of Business (Marketing, International Business)
• BA in Public Policy/Engineering from Princeton University
• MA in Counseling Psychology with honors. Independent specialization in adventure-based leadership and interpersonal/team dynamics.

He has received advanced training and certification in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® administration and application (CPP/Myers-Briggs Institute), Adventure Programming (Project Adventure) and Wilderness First Response (NOLS).

trusted by over 1,000 clients

Representing leaders and innovators in private, public and not-for-profit sectors.


what our clients have to say

With over 250 of our top global leaders participating in our annual retreat, we needed this to be meaningful, impactful and as near flawless as possible. AGI's team set themselves apart by their consultative approach - asking about our needs, rather than offering a menu of activities - and by showing the expertise, creativity, attention to detail and flexibility that gave us confidence that they could deliver something exceptional. This was a fantastic success and one of the highest-rated third party activities we have conducted.

Senior Project ExecutiveGlobal 50 Healthcare/Insurance

Your consultants and facilitators always deliver their work with a very high level of quality. They worked very hard to become knowledgeable and conversant about my company’s values and culture. This allows them to be a real thinking partner when we collaborate on work.

Sr. HR Executive$25 Billion Agricultural Company

AGI's consultants have done extensive work with our facility senior leadership team and many of our front line managers. For two years, AGI conducted a two week long team building session for two of our facilities covering over 1500 employees and managers. They are passionate about their business and demonstrate the servant-leadership model. They act as a true partner, demonstrating high integrity and personal accountability. Their consultants are very versed and have a deep knowledge and understanding of training, leadership concepts, and career coaching. They practice win-win methodology with their clients; however very comfortable in delivering a tough message when necessary. They are very personable and very effective in communicating to hourly employees to senior officers.

Director Human ResourcesGlobal Sporting Goods/Apparel

We would like to thank you so much for the wonderful time. This has been the first retreat we had without any flaws or difficulties. It has been the theme of our conversation for the entire day today! Everything went very smooth and that is thanks to you for your professional service.

Chief Operating Officer/SVPInternational Financial Institution

We have worked with AGI for many different projects, events and initiatives. When teamwork challenges resulted in refinery turnaround delays - costing millions of dollars - we knew who to call. In a few short days, AGI helped our internal team and contractors establish trust, better communication and aligned processes, resulting in a savings of over three weeks vs. the prior turnaround. Spectacular return on investment!

Senior VP OperationsGlobal 100 Petroleum/Energy

When any of my clients have a need for a program facilitator, my first recommendation is always AGI. In the past fifteen years or more I have referred many clients to AGI and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. Whether it's a comprehensive multi-day team assessment and development program, or a half-day team building event, groups all enjoy and benefit from his expertise and leadership. I recommend their services whole-heartedly; they always makes me look good.

National Sales ManagerHospitality Industry

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